Friday, August 15, 2008

Function over Fashion

I just don't ever see me owning a motorcycle without a front brake. No matter how many tat's you have, how big the beard, or how much padding you've ripped out of your vintage helmet, it would be my outlandish opinion that nothing is cooler than flying around on your bike and being able to stop on dime. However I don't like any of the options we have for a 1" front reservoir/master  cylinder. They're all too big, bulky, or billet creations with engraved jester hats and other poorly designed logos. 
Here's my solution.  A used Nissin master cylinder/lever from a 93 Suzuki GSXR off the Ebay for $9.95,  a 1" step bit  bored the clamp from 7/8". Then I discovered Eric B over at Choppin Steel was making these minimal reservoirs, Eric had made me a really cool Stainless axle in the recent past and it was just by chance that I rediscovered him for this.
After bolting everything up the lever was just way too long, I ended up cutting at least 3" out of it & having it welded. Levers seem to be made from shit alloy and  it just snapped with one good pull, plus the giant dial/reach adjuster is dumb. So I hit up Eric a while back with the idea of machining a motocross sized lever. I had kind of forgotten about it until yesterday when he emailed me some pictures of his progress. Have a look, I'm excited.
Thanks Eric

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