Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Weekend Past

Santa Ana's are in town and unlike in fall the winter versions tend to bring heat and not so much wind. Saturday, Sunday and even today it's in the low 80's and it makes me antsy. 
Naturally first thing Saturday morning I wanted to get on a bike, so I did the usual neighborhood loop and made my way over to Pat's shop to tinker on his Benelli for the remainder of the afternoon.  "Depth of field" Wes was there and later sent over the above photos of us recycling aluminum one can at a time. Thanks Wes,  Your on photography duty from now on. 
Sunday I went on a solo exploration ride taking mostly side streets from Carlsbad to downtown San Diego meeting friends/riders Fredo, Oscar, Joel & Paula and group of local JJer's at the Ruby Room for some football thing and beers. All and all it was about an hour twenty one way and I got to see a bunch of San Diego I've never seen before.  I have a 1.5 gallon tank and by the time I got home my bank was calling me wondering why I had three scattered $1.00 charges on my ATM card. Did they think a really frugal thief had lifted my card? Either way I'm glad they're on it. 
There were some cool bikes but I just didn't feel like taking photos I was having fun just hanging out.
r757rob posted a couple pics from Sunday here.

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