Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Draggin Bars

One of my all time favorite photos.
Jeff Emig turning left, feet on the pegs, dragging a grip in that loamy soil.
The original image never surfaced all that's ever been seen was this small photo that was scanned from Cycle World.


MARSHALLovercloth said...

MXDN in Australia if I remember correctly.
he kicked everyone's asses that day.
I got that magazine in one of the boxes stacked in the bedroom closest.

Chris said...

Soooo good!

t said...

He made that?

Been trying to find that one shot of Johnny O at Daytona in 84 when he gunned it down the finishing straight and launched off the finishing jump trying to make a last minute pass. He must've had 35 feet of air and landed on the flat. Rode it out. There was a little photo in Motocross Action or Dirt Bike back then that captured it. I watched it on ESPN and couldn't believe what I had just seen.