Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This time last summer I was knee deep in building a bike for a show & I realized that pretty much everyone I knew was on a trip, a ride and not holed up in a garage. 
I vowed that in 2013 I'd get out too, at the last minuet the opportunity to attend the Sturgis MC Rally presented itself.

My last minuet trip to Sturgis turned awesome & I will be back.
I drove through the Buffalo Chips main gate with an open mind, not caring who you were, how you got there, what you rode, what you were wearing or how many times you've been to the "World largest MC Rally". It was very cool to meet some people that I otherwise never would & being away from the judgmentals, scenesters & cool chasers was pretty refreshing as well.  However I still don't get the random start a cold bike, rev it until the valves float, over & over again?
Big thanks to the Buffalo Chip for the hook ups 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice mate, some great shots and honest commentary, yeah, what is that revving stuff, keep on keeping on Mr Boyle.