Monday, November 10, 2008

BMW the slow route

A few people have asked how Pauly's BMW is coming along? Well, kind of slow actually.
I really try to work on it only when Paul's around & with his schedule that gives us a few hours a week and we've missed a few weeks since we tore into it, but I'm pleased so far. The forks, triples and front brake are completely rebuilt, shaved, lowered, polished and bolted on. The rims and hubs are still at powder coat having "out gas" problems, which is different than the out gas I sometimes have. Where as mine is usually diet related I've been told when baking  powder coat the heat causes impurities in the older/used metal to surface & bubble, media blast and redo until the problem is solved, currently we're on try #3 and everything should headed to Wheel Works to be built, mounted, & balanced this week. 

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