Saturday, November 15, 2008

F'n Mids!

I've been wanting to be able to make this post for weeks now and finally I can. 
I can't remember why but I really wanted to tackle the challenge of making mid controls off the rear floorboard mounts work, and work well(if that makes sense?). I put together a general direction with a lot of inspiration from the foot controls on Calebs bike "Raped Grape" I bent up the posts and the floorboard mount caps but it quickly became too much for me to pull off with my drill, grinder, and woodworking sanders. Then I ran across a Jockey Journal introduction post from a local machinist who was building some bikes so I contacted him in hopes of some help. Well that was back in May or June and since then we've became good friends, both bought, built, and sold a few bikes but it wasn't until yesterday we finally got these mids working and ready to be cleaned up, finish welded, plated and put to use. 
So Big Thanks to My friend Pat for the help and for putting up with my picky ass. 
Check out Pats skills.

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