Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FIM Style

Flatiron Mike is the proprietor of one of my favorite and most impressive stables of hand built big twins in the conterminous United States. Over the past few years Mike has developed a pretty distinct style & formula for the bikes he likes to build and ride. With this build Mike is steering away from the springer fork, ridged framed base of his last three bikes but his formula is still very apparent and in my opinion spot on.  
Check it out.
  • wheels, 19x4 avon skinned front & rear
  • Front Street Cycle ribbed fender
  • chopped sporty tank
  • home chiseled seat pan & leather cover
  • single disc Superglide front end
  • Patented FIM risers, heavily modified H-D Buck horns w/ internal throttle
  • Motor choice and moniker are still up in the air
(Thanks Mike)


Chris said...

Mike sure can make those buckhorns look Great!

Flatironmike said...


Anonymous said...

its the year of the FLH, GAY ;-)

BCM said...

Ah We're all Mellings!


Nick said...

Mike's dead to me until he makes it back out to the west coast with one of his motorthingys.