Monday, February 16, 2009

San Diego SX

The "Old Lady" is painting faces at Fashion Week for 10 days so I spent Valentines Day attending SD SX with Bob and his daughter number one, Mia. This is my first race in two seasons, to me if I can't ride on Sunday watching on Saturday night is just a type of self torture so I just quit going. Kind of like the difference between a brothel and a strip club I suppose?
I noticed a few big changes since the last time I walked the pits, first and most importantly attendance is way down. Secondly riders are no longer as accessible as they used to be, They're all holed up with the entourage of the season in their $500,000 motor coaches. Lastly, Energy drink sponsors have turned the pits into every bad Vegas dance club with giant two story booths or the retro bus with cool paint, Dj's Bumpin, Go Go dancers grinding, the only thing missing was the line to get in filled lo-cut mini dresses, embroidered collared shirts, hair gel and flat toed Kenneth Cole shoes. 
WTF, Let's go Racing??

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