Monday, March 16, 2009


On Saturday Pat breezed through the machining for the ErwnSR500, Pictured is the rear brake stay, the spacer that adapts a Brembo/Ducati 320mm front rotor upgrade &  the rear sprocket is aluminum so that was slotted old Dura Ace style as well, thanks Pat, I'm Stoked.
I've come to realize I'm probably going to be doing the tank mods for this bike since all the local Dudes are either busy, too cool, or have packed up and moved. So armed with advice from some of them, an old Ron & Sue Fournier book & youtube I sat down at a tig welder and made the oversized steel hockey puck pictured below.  It's four pieces top, bottom, & two strips make up the sides. I'm not bummed on how it turned out, I obviously have to revisit some of it but I think I'll weld a bung in the side, leak test it and maybe fill it with scotch?
Seriously though if anyone has any Reasonable tips/advise and or direction on this stuff I'd be grateful.
Saturday night Pat, Chris, & I hit up the  Dice bro fest in Duarte, Ca. a good time was had and there were some nice bikes for sure. None of my photos are worth a crap but Blue Collar Moto posted some and I'm sure there's some blabbering about it on the Jockey Journal.

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Ashley said...

Kim, you need to give Jay @ Special'79 a call. One of the nicest guys you will ever talk to and a true artist when it comes to metal.