Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinosaur Jr.

Last night the Lady of the house put on Martin +Me for the evening of cooking/dinner music. I hadn't listened to this album in a while and it's truly one my favorites. J Mascis live, angry on a stool with an acoustic guitar belting out some of the great Dinosaur Jr tunes is great stuff.
If your a D.Jr fan you need this.
Big Dilemma 11/4/09
Dinosuar Jr at the Belly up & Lucero at the Casbah?


theoldepro said...

Dinosaur Jr., Lucero, and Sebadoh. all three are bands I don't listen to enough recently, but always make me smile....

Brett said...

A great album indeed. His cover of Greg Sage's On The Run is amazing. I could never believe Martin and Me was trashed by critics. If it came out now they'd pissing all over themselves about it.