Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Riding

I rode my SR500 to the post office last week, it had been sitting for a week or so and crap in the tank had made its way to the carb and the floats were sticking, gas was running everywhere. I did all the necessary dis assembly and cleaning, put it all back together fueled up with fresh and went for a test ride.
2 1/2 - 3 hours and two tanks later I was pulling back in the garage.
It was so nice out, I decided to go exploring. I headed out to the inland foot hills, back to the coast, down the coast, back up PCH and finally home.
I really need to seal that tank.


t said...

I'd trade with you in a minute..


Forecast: More Rain

Doug said...

I'ma start doing a cafe until i make my bars on my SR, i've got them drawn up just have to wait for the stock to come in here at the steel fab shop, i also am going to do a small seat like yours or bratstyle unit, i've got all the materials except the foam, i found the hard black foam they send hard drive towers(computer)
in is very firm and doesn't collapse..i like you blog, and marshalls too ha ha

BCM said...

Well T if it's any consolation it's pretty crappy here today. overcast & windy as hell. Chin up my friend.

Doug: I went on ebay and found a seat foam from a quad, hacked down & then shaped it and it was all pretty inexpensive.

Doug said...

Thanks Man..i'm perusing for the foam