Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Beach Swap

The #1 Woman & I went to Long Beach Swap yesterday in search of an 18"rear wheel setup for Pat's iron head, a pan head squish pipe and or a new project donor bike.
All we came home with was these four glasses which Frank spotted from a 100 yards.
The cool thing is we already own four that we found at a Temecula antique store over ten years ago. That makes 8 glasses, mint juleps anyone?
Lever/perch info, Anyone?


Fashion Serial Killer said...

holy cow.. those glasses are awesome! you guys scored.


those glasses are extra beautiful.
how much did they want for that YZ?
it looks like a very nice shape original survivor.

Flatironmike said...

hello friend. that lever looks like a cut down early ('28-'40) H-D Springer lever setup. V-Twin sells 'em and the cat# is 26-2134 but i only see it available in chrome and not offered in polished. hope this helps and happy t-day!

BCM said...

Mashall: I didn't ask.

Thanks Mike.