Friday, November 6, 2009

MY Girl & The Jimmy Choo for H&M Launch Party

This my Blog & I can post whatever I want.
The other day my best girl was called to LA to paint faces for a fashion shoot, this happens often so I didn't think much of it; while there she starts texting me photos of this amazing house they're working in. So today I was looking for info about the place and I found this video.
She's at about 1:06-1:07 mark in the video.
Bean you've come along way from gift wrapping x-mas gifts at Nordys & I'm proud of you!


t said...

You gotta give props when props are due.. nice one.

Fashion Serial Killer said...


Admin said...
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Steve Swope said...

Yeah Bean!!!

Was that guy in an accident or is that high da fashion?

Anonymous said...

That leg rubbing stuff made me feel funny! HA! Good work Franc.