Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carlsbad GP



it would be nice if you got a set of Simons forks to use on the YZ I hope you get.
if you get a 1980 YZ125 you will have to stiffen up the suspension for sure.
in stock form they were sprung/dampened for about a 140 pound amateur skilled rider.
the mono shock might be difficult to modify in this time and age.
maybe use a shock off a 250?
I see Simons forks on eBay all the time for big money.
they add 85% more cool factor to any vintage bike.
Fox forks only add 55% more cool factor.


oh, and painting the forks yellow and adding Simons decals will get you places on the list of shame so don't even think about it mister.

Delivererer said...

The "Devils Drop" during the Carlsbad Grand Prix of MX on Wide World of Sports inspired a hundred bicycle sessions...