Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We'll See

We'll see how this turns out.
It's been 5 years since I had a race bike and what started as a hunt for a late 70's YZ125 for Hell On Wheels and the Catalina Grand Prix somehow turned into wheeling and dealing a Geico Factory Connection Honda team leftover.
Big Thanks Chris And Darren
We're still looking for a 1979-80 YZ125


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you need a mid 80's tricked-out Pro Circuit Husqvarna.
and the 1980 YZ125.

Doug said...

Agreed on the Husky or get a 76 KTM 125, even a Bultaco 125 of same year, you could dominate in VMX Kim

tasty pic below! lol

BCM said...

Yeah the thing is that era YZ was my dream bike.

At a pretty young age I was really into the whole works bike thing & experimenting with one off parts during the race season was just so cool to me. I was really bummed when the production rules came into place. I understood but I knew racing wouldn't be the same.

So it's a nostalgia thing, well that and the fact that during that time suspension started getting a lot better so it won't be such nightmare to ride.