Friday, October 7, 2011


Back in 96 I was neck deep in Vans snow boot program & one of our big projects was choosing & creating a partnership with one of the handful of step in boot/binding interfaces. In short we choose the Switch binding.
Jeff & Larissa Sand & The people that were Switch had an amazing design house and shop in the bay area, I remember looking forward to visiting the shop & leaving super envious.
All though I have yet to embraced the electric bike thing I did like this offering from BRD and I took a minuet to check out their website. I wasn't too surprised to find one of the co-founders & Chief Design Officer to be Jeff.


motoguru. said...

Was checking that thing out a week or two back... Definitely a winner in the looks department.

grant said...

those electric bikes are a trip to ride. They have this weird gyroscopic thing going on.


they look great, I like the MX version. I would buy one if I was in the money.