Saturday, August 30, 2008

Header: Drew Kuriger Photo

This photo was taken @ El Cajon airport/speedway/odd Motocross track. It was a Universal Motocross Inc. ride day 4,5, or 6 years ago. What I was looking at is this double to triple section that was troubling me all day. It wasn't all that big, it was just an odd rhythm? 
I got it but it took half the day, hit it another 10-12 times then it was time for the free beer. 

Mikuni VM36

My carb of choice to replace the stock piece of shit pumper on the SR500. The VM36 will boost the bottom end a little & stop loading up. There is also the VM38 which would be better suited for the track and or not so much stop & go. Of course you could try and polish a turd by doing the Minton or Vonderhey Mods to your stocker, however that's just my opinion.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I went and hung out with Scott "T-Bone" Jones last night, I picked up a new t-shirt & a tank he repaired for me. Scott's a good guy who does real nice work. He sells some cool one off handlebars and other bits he makes in his Jock Shops section over n the Jockey Journal.
Thanks again Scott.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Interweb Pissing Matches

I get sucked into one once or twice a year & I let myself do it again today.
Great, I feel Like a third grader all over again.


I think Adam West must be feeling the sting of our fledging economy because yesterday my friend Paul showed up in my driveway with the Batcycle which he got for a song and a tank of gas.  Paul has always had a thing for the rolling toaster that is a BMW motorcycle so we're going to jump in and tear it down hoping to end up with something close to Pauls photoshop mock up below. I seriously never thought I'd be doing this but after a quick spin I'm excited. She's a runner so we're off to a good start.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Easy Button?

So, the Kicker on my SR 500 kept hitting my original foot peg set up thus breaking the welds. At first I thought Man I really suck at welding. Well, I do but not that bad? I fixed them twice before I realized every time I started the bike I might as well be beating the peg with a hammer.
I began searching for a solution. I sat on my friend Bill's bike "El Cheap O" at Chop Meet and liked the feel of the motocross pegs he had used, I knew McGoo had done this before as well so I assumed they must be on to something. Searching through Ebay I came across a slightly used set of YZF450 Titanium pegs for $25. I stared at them for a while and thought these might actually bolt right up. Then I thought, no way that never happens, a 1980 yamaha street bike versus a 2007 yamaha motocross bike? I figured what the hell they were $30 shipped and I bought them. the pegs arrived yesterday, with a very small amount of grinding, drilled out the mount hole a bit and they're on! Straight, level, wide, grippy, light as hell. This never ever happens with me & Motorcycles.
If I ever have an original idea I could be dangerous.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


If your not following Chris Collins speed week updates over at the Biltwell site you should be.
Chris has been helping in the Four Aces Cycle supply ( pits for three years now & I think he's got the salt fever.
Check it out:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Carols Birthday so if you see her out at the shooting range wish her a good one.
In the picture below Ole Dead Eye is enjoying a good old fashioned Western Pennsylvania picnic.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

MX Outdoor Nationals Resume

After two weeks off the Outdoor Motocross Nationals resume in Millville, Mn. Today both Ryan Villopoto & James Stewart could clinch titles with three races to go. It seems like it's been a race for second all season.
The Paul Buckley Photo below is one of my favorites. It appeared in April/June 1993 issue of Inside Motocross, a beautiful but short lived magazine that raised the bar.
Eric Kehoe pinning it to Flat edging out Jeremy McGrath for the win! 
Gatorback Cyclepark, FL.

Friday, August 15, 2008


The Infamous Barri & Frances Bean.

Function over Fashion

I just don't ever see me owning a motorcycle without a front brake. No matter how many tat's you have, how big the beard, or how much padding you've ripped out of your vintage helmet, it would be my outlandish opinion that nothing is cooler than flying around on your bike and being able to stop on dime. However I don't like any of the options we have for a 1" front reservoir/master  cylinder. They're all too big, bulky, or billet creations with engraved jester hats and other poorly designed logos. 
Here's my solution.  A used Nissin master cylinder/lever from a 93 Suzuki GSXR off the Ebay for $9.95,  a 1" step bit  bored the clamp from 7/8". Then I discovered Eric B over at Choppin Steel was making these minimal reservoirs, Eric had made me a really cool Stainless axle in the recent past and it was just by chance that I rediscovered him for this.
After bolting everything up the lever was just way too long, I ended up cutting at least 3" out of it & having it welded. Levers seem to be made from shit alloy and  it just snapped with one good pull, plus the giant dial/reach adjuster is dumb. So I hit up Eric a while back with the idea of machining a motocross sized lever. I had kind of forgotten about it until yesterday when he emailed me some pictures of his progress. Have a look, I'm excited.
Thanks Eric

Monday, August 11, 2008

Header Photo

The new header photo is Frances's youngest nephew Angelo.
Schools out, time for a buzz cut has turned into tough guy mohawks, Love it....

SR Bits, mostly for Wes's benefit.

For you asian bike owners I found an online shop out of Germany that has some cool, hard to find parts. I've ordered from them twice now, turn around is a little over a week, great quality, the real deal.
check it out sometime:
Friday I received a top oiler kit and cam chain adjuster cover & I installed them yesterday.
Fresh coat of chain wax makes for the brown chain. For some reason this summer has been really humid & my battle with rust is never ending.
I also finished a seat pan for Bob, it's my first attempt & not real pretty but it will be covered so what's the sense?

Cool Sidecar

I lifted this image from the SR500 forum. A guy in the Bay area fabbed this bodywork and side car to his 70's BMW.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Colin Winkleman 1976-2005

Colin's mind worked in such amazing ways & if you knew him you know what I mean.
Throw one back in his honor.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Nephews & BMX

I have three nephews, Drew, Sean, & Zach. Drew & Sean are the products of my sister Kate and brother in law Derek, Zach from my brother Matt. All three have interest and skills in BMX in some form or another. When we're all together it usually turns into a session of some sort. wether it's on a plastic Toys R Us ramp or a make shift step up we always have a good time & my 42 year old ass is sore for days afterwards.
Drew is the oldest and by talking or texting with him I'd swear he's in his early 30's, Drew also has the most natural skills & style on a bike or a skateboard but isn't into it all that much. Zach just kind of goes with the flow and seems to enjoy the fun aspect more than the others. Then there's Sean... Sean is the youngest at 6 years of age and has as obsession with BMX, I have never seen such drive and determination from a 6 year old! He's at the track multiple times every week either doing clinics or the local races, he gets upset if my sister or brother won't time him doing sprints in the driveway, so on & so on? Insane!
Sean currently sits #26 out of 215 in ABA Arizona district AZ04 with 1994 points and this weekend Sean and family are in Tucson where he will be racing his Third National as a 6 year old Intermediate.
Do Good Sean, Watch the lights & keep the rubber side down!
Tucson National Track, Hey ABA, the NFL doesn't play on pop warner fields. Why do BMX Pros STILL race the same track as my 6 yr old Nephew?
Sean @ a local Phoenix race.
Drew  Zach 42 yrs old & still love the toy bikes. 
Hey Robo, Here's a bump jump for ya.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Turn Down Whips!

My Good friend Steve Swope has been spending some time behind the shutter lately & he sent me a grip of great pics yesterday. I can't get enough of these turn down whips & Miles Richmond has the style!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Elfin Forest

Sunday was just too nice out so Rob and I headed out through Elfin Forest, a nice canyon road between Carlsbad and Escondido. Rob headed home to Temecula, I turned around and did it all again. Today 3/4 of my arms are beet red...