Friday, October 31, 2008

Recycling is Important

I've watched  nearly all of Giannyl's very helpful how to videos and I can't help but think my old t-shirts have one more use before they make their way into the garage rag bin. 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shaving Legs the ghetto way...

All you need is an angle grinder, drill, and a couple of woodworking sanders. 
In recent months I've hacked up 5 different sets of forks this way, I can't say I hate it, it's mindless yet satisfying work. One day I'll own a lathe but until then my neighbors will continue to hate as these are some of the most annoyingly loud tools available and I now know "nap time" is 12:00 to 3:00 daily.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That Sound!

Almost daily I'm awoken by a guy in my girls neighborhood speeding off to work on some sort of Ducati and although it's a very pleasant alarm occasionally it makes me miss Sophie my old 750M. The first picture is how I found her stuffed under a tarp in Santa Monica, the last two is how she left me. My friend Paul has her now so I get a visit now and again, but I sure miss that Duc sound.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

SkyWay Tuff Wheels

It was nice out today so I rode around Carlsbad on my Yamaha SR500, I realized what lured me to this bike. Black out the  Yamaha Mags, they look like Tuff Wheels & I love that look.
Back in the day I had my share of Tuff wheels, we actually preferred them, they didn't bend or get flat spots and we couldn't afford the money or the time it took to deal with spoked rims. Western Pennsylvania BMX kids had a short riding season and sketchy mail order was our only parts source. A good set of Tuffs would last through two or three bikes and could be traded all over the city for color preference, coaster brake or freewheel add a new set of gum wall tires and your shit was Rad...
Below is the coveted alloy hub in the non graphite version of the tuff II  these were hard to come by & the hubs didn't crack like the steel models. 
The Torker Bob Haro used to give birth to the Freestyle movement utilized Tuff IIs.
Here's A couple of shots of Bob riding The 6th & Commonwealth banks in LA. The last time I rode there was on a hot Sunday in 1989, I would guess these pictures of Bob (in uniform) date back to, well it must've been  81-82? Great spot, security was quick,  but on that last sunday we sessioned there the Big latin guard gave us 30min as long as we didn't grind & was stoked to watch.

A few of my favorite Mag wheeled Yamaha Customs

06-Reubens Campo, San Felipe, MX.

Friday, October 24, 2008

AZ burger joint #2

The other place we found was Joe's Farm Grill out in Gilbert. Well worth the drive, We ordered a ton of food & everything was amazing, I highly recommend the beer battered green beans smothered in saute'd minced garlic. 

Burger Joint #1

Yesterday I returned from Phoenix, AZ, all of my family lives there now & I love the area too.
It's always a welcome change from the mediocre dining choices & the styleless stucco, tile roofed McMansions of San Diego. I always thought Phoenix &  San Diego must've been switched at birth? Mostly because I've always thought the ocean and the temperate climate should breed more style & creativity than the ungodly hot desert? Anyway if you don't want to break the bank & find your self in the Chandler area The Heart Attack Grill looks fun. Well, in a Hooters kind of way.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

64 Ford F100 $4000 (carlsbad)

1964 Ford F100, lowered front, notched rear with air shocks.
302, auto trans. New Holley 4 bbl 650, Edelbrock manifold, & air filter. 
2 1/4" pipes with glass packs. All new brake pads, master cyclinder & white walls. 
New polished aluminum valve covers (uninstalled).
$4000 OBO Pat (760) 580-3078

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ebay watch...


Artist, Sculptor, bike builder.
Everyone should recognize his Crocker & that shovel with the clip ons looks like fun!

Other Notable News

I didn't get to post much this week, it was a crazy week and I'm not sure why.
but there were a few things that weighed heavy and or got my attention:
Mike Aitken :  I got into a small discussion about government provided health care this week, if there was Ever a legit reason, Here It is! I've only met Mike a a few times but thinking back I don't recall anyone with as much style and grace on a BMX bike, I know this carried directly into his personal life with Mikes wife, child, & friends. Injuries have been hard on BMX this year but I can't see any karma involved in this incident.  If you can help Mike out please do so here, 5050bmx
Scott Towne's Birdland Fall Nationals went down this past weekend.  All summer Scott and friends have made shoveling dirt look fun & I'm envious of the Towne compound.
Also my friend Steve Crandall sent off  his Ghetto Big Air Challenge last weekend and it looked like a good time was had by all, but I expected that. Maybe so much fun that Steve decided to up and move to Virginia. I've heard rumblings that is was a Woman who inspired this 400 mile southern shift just below the Mason Dixon but I know better, it's age! Steve's just creeping a little closer to that coveted time share in Ft Myers. 
Happy Birthday Mr. Crandall.
Of course thanks again ChopperDave.
Tomorrow is Pat & Nancy's Chili cook off/speed pool tourney, so I've got to finish my chili.
Sunday I'm headed to Phoenix with a hangover & the razor blade greenapple quickstep. I hope to check out FoundryMoto while I'm there, the rest is family time.

67 Monkey Wards Benelli Riverside

Im attempt to cut some cost at the Powder coater we decided to give sending some parts out in bulk a try. I think this idea alone motivated my friend Pat to jump back into his "About Town" 250 Benelli. So this week Paul and I got the BMW hubs and rims ready for black and Pat cleaned up the Benelli rims, I sent a bit for the Pan.
Olympic gave us a one day turn around & now we have some black parts to mess with.
Check out the Wards 250. Chris @ Biltwell hooked up some Clubmans which Pat narrowed for the little bike, We gave the hubs a bit of help on the cotton wheel,Buchannans is cutting some stainless spokes and has SS nipples too. A serious clean and polish, cafe tail section & seat, new rubber and a tune up, this should be a fun little bike.
If anyone has a source for old Benelli points, condensers, coil, all that kind of crap. please let me know. 
*Project count 3

Monday, October 13, 2008

MMMM.... Progress.

I spent a good part of the weekend down at my friend Pats shop, Cutting Edge CNC. I moved the the Pan down there for a bit so we could get the rear wheel spaced properly, figure out & finish the mechanics of the mid controls. We dialed in the spacers, foot clutch, & brainstormed the rear brake. Fab a couple of brackets, finish weld, send it off to plating & start on the pipes.
Stoked, Thanks Pat!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kimberly Jane Wednesdays

I just wanted to publicly thank ChopperDave for Kimberly Jane Wednesdays.
For some unexplainable reason I'm hooked?


We're attempting to figure out the mid controls for the Pan Head, I'll be needing some joints. Check out Midwest Control for all your joint needs.