Friday, October 17, 2008

67 Monkey Wards Benelli Riverside

Im attempt to cut some cost at the Powder coater we decided to give sending some parts out in bulk a try. I think this idea alone motivated my friend Pat to jump back into his "About Town" 250 Benelli. So this week Paul and I got the BMW hubs and rims ready for black and Pat cleaned up the Benelli rims, I sent a bit for the Pan.
Olympic gave us a one day turn around & now we have some black parts to mess with.
Check out the Wards 250. Chris @ Biltwell hooked up some Clubmans which Pat narrowed for the little bike, We gave the hubs a bit of help on the cotton wheel,Buchannans is cutting some stainless spokes and has SS nipples too. A serious clean and polish, cafe tail section & seat, new rubber and a tune up, this should be a fun little bike.
If anyone has a source for old Benelli points, condensers, coil, all that kind of crap. please let me know. 
*Project count 3

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Anonymous said...

vintage cosmo and domiracer have some parts, I have some parts also gary in seattle