Friday, October 3, 2008

Leg shaving BMW R100/7

Originally we planned on ditching the stock forks for late model sport bike set up but the more we handled the stock front end the more we liked it. The pivoting brake caliper is pretty cool, the triples & bar clamps unique as well. Paul cleaned up all the clamps and I started shaving all the crap off the lowers, and there was a lot of crap to get rid of. I know shaving forks is pretty common but I was stoked on leaving the existing upper ridge and the original sand cast finish above it which I though ended up looking really cool. If we do use a fork boot I'll just clamp it to the very top band & leave the sand cast section exposed.
I have to finish polishing, cut the spring a couple inches, reassemble and hope the upper doesn't compound fracture through the slider, Joking of course.

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Anonymous said...

Those look Great!

said chris.