Friday, January 30, 2009

Damn Foot Pedals

I'm pretty stoked on these, mostly because of the number of people who had their hands in on making them. Well, and the fact that they almost ended up sunk into the garage drywall a few times. They're actually going to turn out pretty nice. a couple more hours  of finish sanding, polish, hone the pivot and off for nickel plating. One clutchy, one brake, each is six pieces welded and then blended, dental tools... toe bits are bolt on's.

I'm Busy

So in the mean time enjoy a few photos from my "bike stuff" folder. 
Once again I haven't got a clue who's responsible for this piece of work, nor have I seen the other side of the motor, but I'd like to.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Tuesday.

Today I had to drive up to wheel works in Orange County and pick up  my relaced  front wheel also Rick the welder had finished my foot controls so Orange County to the Inland Impire, Stopped by Intense Cycles, finally met Rick - "the welder", Bob showed me a really hi-tech prototype downhill bike they're working on, then over to Hanks hardware for some acetone and misc grinding/sanding needs. A block or so from Hanks is the Snafu-Biltwell HQ. I stopped in to see those guys & I'm really glad I did because it took all of 10 minuets  for McGoo to save me possibly days of headaches with the Harley 39mm front end retro-fit. He had just finished the same for his Street tracker project and learned all the model differences and how to make them. Then he proceeded to load me up with SNAFU goodies as I prepare my 20" BMX gray for the up coming old school BMX weekend. Plus BF Josh & long time Bicycle Racer extraordinaire Eric Carter stopped by I hadn't seen Eric in a long time, good guy. Josh too but I see him more often.
I had a lot of good stuff to play with when I got home, I started with the Snafu 30t. I needed to give something a new finish today.
Thanks for Everything McGoo.
I'm not a 100% sure on on using the 39mm instead of the wide glide maybe 95% ???  I  already lowered them 2" from stock but they need at least another 2" possibly 3" hence the tie down. I'm going to try like hell to use that big six piston PM caliper but it may not be in the cards spoke clearance is scarce.
We call it the mock up fender. That beat up thing started life as full coverage FLH front fender from the swap meet, between Bob and I it's been reduced to what you see, which is kind of close to what I have planned for the final. Craig at Front Street Cycle made a giant full fender with a 2" skirt so I can cut my way down to where I want it.
Mid is just sitting partially on, I'll clean that up tomorrow. I'm pretty motivated right now which has been rare lately.

Street Tracker, Anyone?

I'm cleaning up my saved bikes folder and I found this. Anyone know it's owner/status?
I just really liked where it was headed.
(FOUND, but no update yet. Thanks Gary )

Monday, January 26, 2009

Contax T2 point and shoot

 Jeff Tramaine actually turned me on to this camera back when Big Brother magazine was still being produced out of a closet behind the ramps in World Industries private skate warehouse. If  I remember correctly the loss of Big Brothers T2 became editorial a few issues after. "Earl Parker &  the T2".  Earl had lost the expensive titanium-bodied luxury camera while covering a skate event.
Some years later and eight years ago from now my girlfriend (of then & now) bought me a used Contax in pristine condition off the Ebay. I've drug that thing around the world, ran a ton of film through it and she still shoots great photos with ease.  I haven't used it much in the past year but an article linked from Defgrip BMX motivated me to get a new battery and some film. Hopefully somebody still processes film, although I supposed it'll go right on a CD anyway?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hide Mo.

I saw photos of Hide's Mod Chopper II a few years back I instantly became a fan and now check their site a couple times a week. However in typical american fashion  my japanese not so good but very nice picture.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Go To/The Daily/Push Button Bike

I've been considering a different daily rider. I really like about 75% of the Hyper Motard but the Battlestar Galactica headlight/front fender combo & the GIANT ass friendly saddle need to go.
The "hardcore" Walz bike is nice work. My eye says the Honda CRF seat, rear fender and pipes on the Ligurian bike are pretty close to right. Other than the billet wheels Roland Sands direction is an inviting rider as well and maybe my favorite so far.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh Man I can't wait for this!

My Old Pal Steve Swope has a new venture dubbed KickStand BMX. The first order of business is the Old School BMX Weekend taking place at none other than Woodward West. I have had the pleasure of spending a good portion of a few summers at both camps and they are some of my favorite places in this world. Some of you guys reading this thing should show your faces, Mr. Towne, Crandallsmith, TC, Collins's, Bob, Jenkins & Son, Chico Moto Troy, all ya'll old BMX types, you know who you are ???? Check the KickStand site for details.
Our host Steve Shreddin the Rad.


Over the past year or so my friend Pat has been responsible for fabricating at least a dozen or so parts for my hair brain ideas and they're nothing compared to what comes out his shop on a daily basis, Just rummaging through all the crazy samples in his office is a treat. If your into that kind of stuff like I am check out Cutting Edge CNC Inc.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sidehacks are super fun but their resurgence will probably just turn into the latest kooky contingent at the Long Beach cycle swap meet
None the less here's a cool page dedicated to sidehacks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I needed a couple bits for the Finger Tight FL and it's still real nice out so I rode up to Kennedy's Custom Cycles in Oceanside. I was in a big hurry but you still have to stop and talk with Bill & Dave who run the joint. Then did quick run through of the back room, didn't find what I needed but I did see a bitchin chain guard. If your ever in the area it's a place worth checking out. Sorry for the bad photos but it's as dark and crusty as it looks in there and that's how it should be.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saul T Nutz

New blog link added: Saultnutzracing
The past four years these guys have been making a good go of it at Bonneville and having a blast doing it. 
I'd love to go check this out but all I need is another motorcycle related hobby and what I hear from Chris that's exactly what will happen.

1st BMX National of The Year

It looks like Nephew Sean treated Reno to some Phoenix hospitality. 
Good job kid.

Great Weekend Past

Santa Ana's are in town and unlike in fall the winter versions tend to bring heat and not so much wind. Saturday, Sunday and even today it's in the low 80's and it makes me antsy. 
Naturally first thing Saturday morning I wanted to get on a bike, so I did the usual neighborhood loop and made my way over to Pat's shop to tinker on his Benelli for the remainder of the afternoon.  "Depth of field" Wes was there and later sent over the above photos of us recycling aluminum one can at a time. Thanks Wes,  Your on photography duty from now on. 
Sunday I went on a solo exploration ride taking mostly side streets from Carlsbad to downtown San Diego meeting friends/riders Fredo, Oscar, Joel & Paula and group of local JJer's at the Ruby Room for some football thing and beers. All and all it was about an hour twenty one way and I got to see a bunch of San Diego I've never seen before.  I have a 1.5 gallon tank and by the time I got home my bank was calling me wondering why I had three scattered $1.00 charges on my ATM card. Did they think a really frugal thief had lifted my card? Either way I'm glad they're on it. 
There were some cool bikes but I just didn't feel like taking photos I was having fun just hanging out.
r757rob posted a couple pics from Sunday here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Early Foster Brothers

 If you know anything about BMX racing in the past 25 years you should easily recognize The Brothers Foster. 
In the mid 90's I had the pleasure of working, traveling and becoming good friends with these guys, there's no better people or ambassadors to the sport.  Alan & Brian grew up in Maryland where I'm assuming there's must be something in the water because I have a few friends from there and they are all great people. 
Alan sent me the photos below yesterday.
 Mr. Foster at an enduro on a Yamaha CT2 175 (69-71?). My Dad had the same exact bike, color and all. He still compares every other bike he's ever owned to that Yamaha.
70's era Mini-trail in the snow, good times.
Alan Getting it done in 1981.