Thursday, January 8, 2009

Early Foster Brothers

 If you know anything about BMX racing in the past 25 years you should easily recognize The Brothers Foster. 
In the mid 90's I had the pleasure of working, traveling and becoming good friends with these guys, there's no better people or ambassadors to the sport.  Alan & Brian grew up in Maryland where I'm assuming there's must be something in the water because I have a few friends from there and they are all great people. 
Alan sent me the photos below yesterday.
 Mr. Foster at an enduro on a Yamaha CT2 175 (69-71?). My Dad had the same exact bike, color and all. He still compares every other bike he's ever owned to that Yamaha.
70's era Mini-trail in the snow, good times.
Alan Getting it done in 1981.


Anonymous said...

What track is that? Rockville?

BCM said...

Lums Pond BMX
Newark, DE

Delivererer said...

those are great. Haro plate was the first upgrade!