Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some of our finest work

Here we have a left side mid with a copper peg insert.
Actually Bob was dragging some knee & snapped the mount, this is the temp so he can get the bike down here for a whole new set up.

Atomic Customs

Another beautiful Trent built Knucklehead. I wish I had bigger photos but I poached them from the Jockey Journal & thieves can't be choosers.

Friday, May 29, 2009

So Cal Gray & Drizzle

These misty moist gray days we've been having makes me jones for a visit to the Lake Elsinore track. The dirt there is always so good on these kind of days, however there's no in between it's either sun baked blue groove or sticky ton of traction fun, the kind of fun that makes you have push your bike back to the truck for a fill up so you can get back out there.

Here's to ya Blair.

Always good to see you man, come around more often.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pleasant Weekend.

Pat & I busted our asses on the tank/mounting for the ERWN SR500 last week and we're 75%  done so we left it alone for the weekend and I took the opportunity dust off my FL project and put a little time in on it. People came and went, worked on bikes, traded off riding every ones bikes, Bob & my girl Frances cranked out a quick but delicious BBQ, I forgot about the internet until a few minuets ago, All & all a great few days.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hensely's Unofficial Bike Night

Wednesday May 20th 6:30-7ish Hensley's 
I-5 fwy & Tamarack in Carlsbad.
Surf Rock Band: Ghost Riders in Disguise


Joe Hunt Harley 74" Magneto installation instructions via White Knights blog.
Thanks Chris
Good Stuff!
Picked up a Joe Hunt Magneto for the Panhead today, Stoked on spark.

Monday, May 18, 2009

RWN SR500 update

With two weeks in a row of Arizona travel and having to make some real mortgage paying dollars the progress on the RWN SR500 was slowed but not for long. I hit it hard over the past few days and got a bunch of the details out of the way & of course I got carried away with a front brake line guide that I ended up spending hours carving out of a chunk of aluminum, tapped the triple clamp and put a hidden pin in the back so it won't swivel.
I also made up & mounted the underseat plate that holds all the electrical crap,  key switch plate and finished seat pan & fender mounts.
Tomorrow  Pat & I are going to work the tank, tank mounts & hopefully have it all finished in a couple days and then it's tear down, paint polish and plating. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Local 77

Good interview with my friend Scott Towne over at the In The Gnar site.
Scott's one those good guys I don't get to hang out with nearly enough.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Mule v2.0

 A quick note from FlatIronMike.
"howdy!  hope the trip to AZ was great...
at approx. 4:28 pm Eastern on May 6th, 2009, 'The Mule v2.0' came back to life.  after some some shakedown runs around the block this week, the maiden voyage to Marcus Dairy on Mother's Day Sunday was great.  a quick inventory on the bike revealed no issues.  phew.  comfortable and strong were the two words to describe the bike.  i'm a happy guy...
keep me up to date with happenings in your garage and hope to get the chance to ride with you this season.
please feel free to post but, if you would be so kind to 'bling out' the license plate - gracias!!!"
As expected it turned out FI Mike clean, nice work! Hopefully we'll be riding in August.

FoundryMoto Party & Smoke Out West

Pat & I rolled out of Carlsbad  last Thursday morning, when we made it to the Foundry compound we were immediately greeted by Matt who made us feel right at home by getting us all set up for the night and giving a grand tour of the facility, bikes, cars, trucks, exotic animals, shooting range, and a plethora of memorabilia. With in a couple of hours a huge party broke out, bands were playing friends were rolling in. We ended up in a secluded fire pit area with George & Wendy Counes from Spartan Frame Works, AZ Nick, Rob & various others mingled in and out
Good times....
 A huge thanks to the FoundryMoto guys we had a great time and managed to stay out of Sheriff  Joe's tent city.
Friday morning started with a huge hangover and ungodly heat but we pushed on to Cottonwood in a convoy of three vehicles. Chris in the Biltwell rig, Rouser Rob in Mr. Groper and Pat and I . Chris got the holeshot, Mr Groper over heated and got poked with a stick, but we made it in a couple hours time.
Pat, Rob & I riding into Cottonwood for hardcore dinner.
We caught up with Trumpnut Nick (IE: BabyJesus) Friday afternoon at camp and in typical Nick style he brought three bikes none of them running. a couple hours later his wife Breanne's bike was running, clear coated, pinstriped and ended up winning editors choice or something.
However in Nicks defense He and Breanne did show up with a line of cool parts for sale.
Saturday we rode up to Jerome watched the crazy bagger scene, chatted with the Jerome sheriff about his "ridged project" and road some of the twisties towards Prescott and back, Fun Stuff.
This is Cynthia she does the books or shipping or some shit @ Foundry. She also got $800.00 for getting loose on stage? Thanks for the bug repellent.
easyrider flcr photos
This is for you Rob the Pierced one & the Shy one.
(sorry Mom)
All in all it was super fun. Huge thanks to Pat, Rob, Chris, Josh, Nathan, Nick & Breanne, Larry, The Arizona Bureau of Parks and Recreation & Robertsons beef jerky.

SideBurn issue #3

SideBurn issue #3 arrived just minuets before we hit the road to Arizona. Good reading and great images made the drive through desert more tolerable. It's nice to confirm that you don't necessarily need a dirty denim vest to associate with a magazine of this format. Thanks to Gary & Ben, keep it up

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gravel Crew

A couple of days ago San Diego local 757Rob Howe reminded of this Gravel Crew SR400, Good stuff.
Check them out:  GRAVEL CREW