Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friday morning started with a huge hangover and ungodly heat but we pushed on to Cottonwood in a convoy of three vehicles. Chris in the Biltwell rig, Rouser Rob in Mr. Groper and Pat and I . Chris got the holeshot, Mr Groper over heated and got poked with a stick, but we made it in a couple hours time.
Pat, Rob & I riding into Cottonwood for hardcore dinner.
We caught up with Trumpnut Nick (IE: BabyJesus) Friday afternoon at camp and in typical Nick style he brought three bikes none of them running. a couple hours later his wife Breanne's bike was running, clear coated, pinstriped and ended up winning editors choice or something.
However in Nicks defense He and Breanne did show up with a line of cool parts for sale.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

i thought i was the only sicko that took photos of dead animals. good job. your bike is awesome.

Rob said...

that is a great pic of me poking my van! i had a great time with yall, we need to do this again before november...

Anonymous said...

great shots! Sorry I missed Jerome! Nick rules!