Friday, October 17, 2008

Other Notable News

I didn't get to post much this week, it was a crazy week and I'm not sure why.
but there were a few things that weighed heavy and or got my attention:
Mike Aitken :  I got into a small discussion about government provided health care this week, if there was Ever a legit reason, Here It is! I've only met Mike a a few times but thinking back I don't recall anyone with as much style and grace on a BMX bike, I know this carried directly into his personal life with Mikes wife, child, & friends. Injuries have been hard on BMX this year but I can't see any karma involved in this incident.  If you can help Mike out please do so here, 5050bmx
Scott Towne's Birdland Fall Nationals went down this past weekend.  All summer Scott and friends have made shoveling dirt look fun & I'm envious of the Towne compound.
Also my friend Steve Crandall sent off  his Ghetto Big Air Challenge last weekend and it looked like a good time was had by all, but I expected that. Maybe so much fun that Steve decided to up and move to Virginia. I've heard rumblings that is was a Woman who inspired this 400 mile southern shift just below the Mason Dixon but I know better, it's age! Steve's just creeping a little closer to that coveted time share in Ft Myers. 
Happy Birthday Mr. Crandall.
Of course thanks again ChopperDave.
Tomorrow is Pat & Nancy's Chili cook off/speed pool tourney, so I've got to finish my chili.
Sunday I'm headed to Phoenix with a hangover & the razor blade greenapple quickstep. I hope to check out FoundryMoto while I'm there, the rest is family time.

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