Monday, July 28, 2008

# 4 The little SR500

My Daily was a 02 Ducati Monster it was my first "Project" I grew kind of bored with it & my Good Friend Paul liked her, now She's his. So now I needed a new neighborhood rider.
I've had a thing for the 500 single for a couple of years now. After hunting for a few weeks I found a nice 81 w/low miles in Vegas, Made the arrangements, drove out picked it up and a nice overnighter @ the MGM.
 I made the mistake of trying to make this a rush build, fix up whatever you want to call it. The short of it 5 weeks later I was riding around Chop Meet in Wright Wood, Ca & I've been having a blast on it ever since. I really wouldn't have finished it in time if it weren't for, Well, Bob, Wes @ Racerton, Pat over at Cutting Edge Machine, & My Friend Brandon up at Mullins Chain Drive.
Thanks Guys
I don't have any of my own pics of the nearly finished bike so all of those images are lifted from Rouser Robs blog.

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