Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HD Brakes. Seriously?

I really don't see myself ever jumping on the recently popular Haters Of MoCo bandwagon but what is up with the ugliest brake set ups ever known to slow a motorcycle?
Seriously the only HD brakes the even remotely have some sex appeal are the mechanical and or juice drums of old.
Banana Calipers? Come on!
Those things are hideous.
The front & rear calipers and rotors on this 2000 Sporty aren't much better. The stick on logo shield surrounded by black crinkle paint is genius???
I would've loved to been in the marketing meeting just to sock the guy in the belly who suggested the perfect match to these gorgeous calipers would be a set of swirly pattern rotors.
Nothing says "Biker" like swirly patterns.
I guess it gives us all something to change in hopes of a better look.
Here's my attempt.


Anonymous said...

Stylie, I want some.

t said...

spool front hubs, shit didn't work anyway.. why bother I guess

Anonymous said...

What the best way to remove that black texter paint harley put on them?

BCM said...

T: braided lines and good fluid these will work a lot better. You know I like to zip around AND stop.

Ano: I sanded the logo ring off with an air disc, carefully removed a lot of the paint with that as well. a couple applications of marine stripper from the home depot took off the rest. a little more finish sanding then a light polish. I didn't want them too shiny.

Joe said...

Very cool. Its the little things that make the difference.