Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Chop

Not all that long ago we had a weekly impromptu gathering that was dubbed "Sunday Chop".
Sunday chop took place in my garage, people came and went, worked on a bikes, had some beers, I never accomplished anything but It was fun. Well I outgrew the garage, projects were buttoned up, neighbors got pissy, lives changed, on & on.
Yesterday a few of us got together and installed an Elswick hard tail on Tall Tony's Sportster project and it reminded me what Sunday Chop was all about & how good it was.
The first of next month we're moving into a new shop & once everything is dialed I'm thinking it might be a good idea to reinstate Sunday Chop.


Social Direkter said...

I am there!

Chris said...

I second that motion. yesterday was much needed

theoldepro said...

lookin good dudes! while I won't be around for sunday chop this time around, it will be good to see your faces this week.

special'79 said...

I'll fly out to hang on Sundays.

BCM said...

See we're already on our way to greatness!