Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Draggin Bars

One of my all time favorite photos.
Jeff Emig turning left, feet on the pegs, dragging a grip in that loamy soil.
The original image never surfaced all that's ever been seen was this small photo that was scanned from Cycle World.



MXDN in Australia if I remember correctly.
he kicked everyone's asses that day.
I got that magazine in one of the boxes stacked in the bedroom closest.

Chris said...

Soooo good!

t said...

He made that?

Been trying to find that one shot of Johnny O at Daytona in 84 when he gunned it down the finishing straight and launched off the finishing jump trying to make a last minute pass. He must've had 35 feet of air and landed on the flat. Rode it out. There was a little photo in Motocross Action or Dirt Bike back then that captured it. I watched it on ESPN and couldn't believe what I had just seen.