Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time To $ell.

I figured I'd put up here for you guys before it goes on the Ebay.
2000 Sportster 1200
I'm entertaining Reasonable offers.
No Trades.
2000ish miles


motoguru. said...

This is one of those time I wish I had more than $500 to my name.

Doug said...

I wish I HAD $500 right now lol..BADASS Kim, you should have no problem selling, especially on quad cam forum? Ah man its SoCal, it'll get snapped up for sure

Anonymous said...

It is a sweet one Kim. Another time in life, yeah make something like that in a couple years, I may be lookin'

Would be an awesome ride back to NW PA.

Sam D.

Doc14 said...

Hey Kim, I got a 92 FXR if your interested in a trade, it is a runner and in good shape, Email me if interested, jerimycox@gmail.com

Michael Schmidt said...

Damn! Trust me on this one, (I've photographed every little detail of this bike) this is one amazing sportster!