Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AAHHH.... Home Sweet Home.

Effective today I will no longer be involved with Bench*Mark.
If you have any outstanding orders, unpaid invoices, promotions, events or general questions Patrick McCormack can be reached at: or
I'll be here in the garage getting back to what this all about, starting with helping my friends button up a couple of projects, finally finishing that damn BMW & this Norton's back on deck as well.


Film_Cameras_Coffee_RootBeer said...

sweet garage!

bobx said...

shop looks good. bike on the table looks pretty nice.

lowrider- said...

How come you won´t be doing anything with Benchmark anymore? No bikeshop?

Michael Schmidt said... got room for a 69 Triumph dirt tracker project? Ha!
looking forward to seeing that Norton come together.

The Evil Goods said...

good too see you yesterday, hope everything is well.


Anonymous said...

F#@K Yeah Kim, Freight train rolling!
Oh and please refrain from calling sweet Olga "that Damn BMW" it's not her fault I suck!

keithybloodygeorge said...

whatever led you back you can't be hatin life in that garage with a slew of projects to get stuck into!

matt machine said...

your the man! with you, it IS what its all about when you strip back the shit.