Monday, July 25, 2011

Barona Oaks MX

It was a great weekend.
Saturday I loaded the dirt bikes & headed up to Barona Oaks for some moto fun. The local vintage club was having a practice day so I only went out for one session on the modern bike & spent the rest of the day winding up the old RM125.
Barona is a cool place with some history, they tend to cater to the kids coming up through ranks & they need to water the vintage track a lot more.
Back in 97 I took a very expensive helicopter ride from the infield to the local trauma unit & since I'm a little race superstitious I tend to take it really easy when I'm there.
Sunday, I hooked up with some locals and did a bar tour of sorts it was great day to ride from the canyons to the coast and back.

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