Monday, January 30, 2012

Feels A Little Fat?

Rumor has it that JS7 felt like the new YZF had a little muffin top going on and it was throwing him off his game?
What does the Joe Gibbs team do? 
Fabricate a beautiful & thinner aluminum tank, mould some new matching radiator shrouds.
The grapevine was also saying that yamaha was not into it at all as they don't like the teams messing with bread and butter of the bikes.
I have a feeling this will all be forgotten if it helps the tuning forks get up on box week after week.


Jackieshan said...

That's pretty awesome. You'd think Yamaha would be into it. If anyone should know best what needs to be improved it'd be him.

motoguru. said...


Film_Cameras_Coffee_RootBeer said...

i thought "works bikes" or team only parts were done back in the mid 80's. i'm 5'2, every 450 is big, when can i get mine?