Monday, May 21, 2012


One zillion air cleaners assemble & packaged yesterday.
OK it was more like a hundred.

The stance & tail section of this Norton has literally haunted me for years.
After a few changes in suspension I got the stance where wanted it, then I ask Evan Wilcox to rework the tail section more to my liking.  When I went to mount the tail/seat for the third time, I was frazzled, busy with parts, MBob & had 30 other semi legit excuses why I couldn't make it happen. 
So I took up to Kiyo, after a short brain storming session he said  "yes, I'll do it". 
And he did. 
It's exactly where & what I was trying to conger up.
I picked it up yesterday, I had a hard time not going and having a look every 10 minuets.
Thanks Kiyo.


matt machine said...

thats gonna be a pretty commando kim...

kiyo is a legend.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Stunning mate, total synergy.

Sonny Boy Paint said...

Lools amazing, Kim! Kiyo is a genius!

Chris Saddler Sam said...

yeap yeap...
this one is gonna be a lovely caferacer!!!

everything looks great:
frame (what is it?)

just one hint (if i may...)
the front end of the seat..
i think u should fix those lines!

everything else looks so curvy..
and there, u've got a neat cut!

i think u got my point...


cheers man

BCM said...

Thanks Guys.

Phil said...

Looks great Kim!