Monday, December 3, 2012



CALVMX JT Series 2; Race 6 Honoring Multi Time Woman's MX Champion Sue Fish
Final race of 2013 series.

I was excited for the the last race of the season and spent most of friday night rebuilding forks that had blown a seal last month. 
Well that all changed.
 Due to nonstop drizzle the seasons final race was a F#$kin mess.
 I only needed one lap to sew up the series #2 125 GP-1 Intermediate championship & if this wasn't the case I would've stayed in bed. The track was 6"- 10"deep in sand mush soup so I opted to skip practice however the first moto ended up being so fun that I decided to stay for 2nd moto, Bad Idea.
Somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd lap mayhem the motor coughed choked & seized. 
Dragging a bike with a locked up wheel through a 150 yards of mud after an already long day was pretty brutal. I'm sure looked like the 4th stooge falling all over the place. At one point I was completely under the bike submerged in slop trying to kick the bike off my lap, Good times.
 I did get the Championship & somehow still won the day.

I couldn't even begin tell you how the forks work.


Chris said...

Way to go Kim!


I hope the motor is not damaged to bad.
great pics and I love the gray color tank on that CZ.

Hoodlum Society said...

This is how we ride every week!

BCM said...

Thanks Chris.
Got her going again yesterday Marshall, not sure why?

Ah, the never ending dutch bravado, I definitely call Bullshit on that one coach!
You ride every week now?

Phil said...

Man...that looks like fun!
Too bad about the motor, another project to add to the list :)