Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Happenings

  • Late day carb clean
  • Every couple months I bolt up this pipe, decide I don't like it & go back to stamped stock.
  • Post storm mud pits
  • My friend Dallas #44 drives from Phoenix to race with CalVMX, yesterday he hauled ass home to work a shift..... 
  • Cahuilla Creek MX
  • Yesterday was Scott Burnworth day, He's still very fast, fun to watch & races with us often. 
  • (I went 6-5 in motos 1-1 in class)
  • A photo of a shiny Harley Davidson benson and hedges menthol ultra light 100s front end came in from Brooklyn. 
  • As well as this delicious special we're missing out on at Thistle Hill
  • And lastly the Damn Dogs turned 1year old on saturday.

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