Friday, March 20, 2009


Man, this bike makes me want to ride fast and terrorize the neighbors.
It just looks nimble & fun, if it were a motocross bike I'd say "flickable". I love the seat setup.
However I don't know anything about it or where I found the photo?
Yay Friday. It's been an odd week.
* 3/24/09   I received an email from friend and EDR alum "Halseth" Scotty from Sac town. Scotty says the bike above was built by Sac local Jeff Worms, the weld on hard tail was shortened, narrowed & the rest of the bits were all fabbed with in a few weeks time.
Jeff did ebay the bike a while back but not before it was featured in Dice Magazine.
Thanks Scotty, See you in a couple weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this rig, this exact picture, on Los Angeles craigslist a few months back. Good deal too if I remember correctly. I wish I had the cash at the time.