Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's that time of the year again.

Every year since 2006 most everyone I know is in prep mode, panicking out the last of a new build, updating the current ride, running some shake down miles and or helping someone else do the same. The first three years the event of spring was EDR, this year it's the Hippy Killer Hoedown & The Bash.   Since I gave up on making it with my FLH I'm going to put a spit shine and put a new seat on the SR500 and run it. I'm already excited.
A few  EDR images


Flatironmike said...

thanks for the blast from past pics.

short of hitting the Lottery, i'll only be there in spirit.

BCM said...

Sorry Mike. Depending on $ I may make the Gypsy run.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! EDR version 1, good times!

Lime's said...

Should be there on the KZ. Looking forward to meeting all you guys. Scott