Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BCM Turns One

I almost forgot.
I started this, well, whatever it has become, one year ago today. I can't recall why I decided BCM would be a good idea but it's been pretty damn fun.
My friends and I have made some fun stuff, met some great new people, received some valuable help and information, all & all I think it's been for the good.
As of this posting BCM has 72 public followers, 61,000 hits from 68 different countries and most recently the crew at Chop Cult has chosen us as one their dozen featured blogs.
A Huge thanks to everyone who checks it out & participates we're very grateful.
Now the big question is when & how do you pull the plug on this sort of thing.


Flatironmike said...


i'll catch up, i promise

congrats on an entertaining and informative place to visit!

t said...

Please keep it up the blog Kim.. I don't have cable!
Sweet plate.. those plastic numbers that you stuck through the holes..I wish I saved all my old Haro plates.. I don't even know what happened to them.

Giannis said...

hey Happy Birthday and looking forward to read you builds at CHOPCULT!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats buddy! Keep the juicy posts flowing.


SonicSeb said...

happy birthday BCM ! keep on wrenchin' dude