Sunday, July 12, 2009


10PM & it's 78 degrees, I went for a nice ride tonight.
Summer's finally here.
I took a lot of useless material off this thing & I like it way better.
ERWN pedal got the Critchlow mod


t said...

haha.. what's the critchlow mod? stretched so it will reach your mids without making a bunch of linkage or listening to The Selecter at 3 am while wearing a parka?

BCM said...

you know hacking that yamaha brake pedal that's the size of waffle iron down to a reasonable dimension.

I looked all through my tool box, no parka?

t said...

oh.. the pedal on my Yamaha broke in half when I was hit by a car. Now it's nice and small and my foot fits better by it. :)