Saturday, August 22, 2009

1977 Bengt Aberg/Torsten Hallman HL500

Bengt Aberg won the 1977 Luxemburg 500cc FIM Grand Prix on one these bikes.
Works SR500 motor, Lundin Profab frame, Don Jones swing arm, shaved Maico forks & triples, YZ brakes, good stuff.
I want to put lights on it and terrorize the city streets.


Anonymous said...

Tank is great. love that paint job.


one of the best looking bikes ever made.
I bet it would be very satisfying to ride too.
and pleasing to the ear.
I'll take mine with milky translucent fenders and white tank with the blk & white yamaha stripe thank you.


oh yeah-
and the number plates molded into the rear fender. that's very important. :-)

Giannis said...

SICK.... i bet is a bitch to start if you stall it.. LOL

Doug said...

Sweet Ride for it has the "CRACK" when you hit the throttle..i'm a big fan of those tanks too..aslthough this tank looks a lil modified from the orig YZ alloy..sweet thumper!