Tuesday, August 4, 2009

World Of Knowledge, MOTORCYCLES

There are good amount of sites/blogs out there that do such a great job of digging up & posting up historic MC info of all eras that I always assumed BCM would just leave that side things to them. For one it takes a lot of time, also I'm not so knowledgeable in that arena and use them for my own education.
In attempt to take back their home my parents have been slowly shipping what's left of my belongings and one of the more recent packages was a box of my old books. The World Of Knowledge I assume was some sort of series? However I only cared about the Motorcycle book and for a long time was my favorite. Published in 1976, this book covers a good amount of stock bikes from most manufacturers as well as some of their racing efforts, below is the page on the Harley Davidson RR-250 which briefly brought the dominant Yamaha squad to their knees.
as usual
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