Sunday, September 27, 2009

Born Free & Cycle Zombies

Yesterday I rolled solo up the coast to check out the Cycle Zombies Party & Born Free Show.
It was a great day for splitting lanes between Bentleys & Aston Martins through Laguna, Tercels & Civics in Santa Ana. I finally met Chico Motos Troy & Nikki, Hung out with some good friends & I don't think I've seen so many great bikes in one place as I did at the Born Free gig.
It was a good day.
Matt, Nikki, Troy, JD & Cro
Rollin out.
BF Josh.
Only 11 more years until Barber College


Ossian said...

Hi, thank you for reading my blog :)
Hopefully I'll be able to post some nice pictures in the future.

grant said...

THanks for coming!

t said...

Nice to meet you in person finally.. I wish I could've chatted with you longer. I was completely overwhelemed with everything going on all weekend, one of the best weekends I've had.