Monday, September 14, 2009

Paul, Olga & Bucky's

I get quite a few emails asking "what's going on with the BMW?" Are you going to finish that BMW?"
Well The BMW is named Olga and it's our good friend Paul's project. Paul has a family and pretty much free reign of Bucky's pool so dividing free time between the bike project & skating is a tough decision.
All I can say is, in the words of Robbie Morales
" Mom why couldn't you've bought me a skateboard instead of a BMX bike?"


Wes Drelleshak Photography said...

I was not sure if that was Tony Hawk or Paul.the last pic is so rad.

Chris said...

Thats Awesome!

Sherryl Lynn said...

Home boy's still got it.

Brian said...

So good Serpente!