Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Afternoon With FlatIron Mike.

So I'm in New York for a wedding and figured that's all I'd be doing on this trip, I was wrong.
I had Friday free so FlatIron Mike picked me up, gave me the local tour, checked out his bikes and projects, Then headed out for some lunch.
First stop The Colony Grill in Stamford CT. The Colony makes amazing hot oil pizza so we had a couple hot/sweet pepper pies with a few pitchers.
After the colony we headed over to the local Eagles club, signed the books, shot some pool and a few more beers. I hadn't seen Mike since EDR2 in 07 and it was great to catch up and being back in couple of a real drinking bars with some history, patron support & good locals made me miss living back east.
Thanks Mike for one of the best afternoons I've had in a while.


Chris said...

Mike is a Ruler!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

love old bars with history. so sad that they are tearing most of the cool ones down here. There's this one in Phoenix called The Royale and the bar tender is this 70 something year old lady named Mrs Lil. She's worked there for 30+ years. I am going to have to look up "hot oil pizza" i've never heard of that.

Flatironmike said...


the 'stinger' pie (on the left) has a chili pepper on each slice and it's doused with chili pepper 'hot' oil. good stuff.

my pleasure, a great afternoon indeed.

Tony Larson said...

Yeah MIke!...