Monday, October 12, 2009

Shovelhead Points Covers

I was on points cover duty all weekend.
The last 10 of the finned design shovel bolt pattern covers are done, I'll get to the sporty versions early this week but not until I get some sort of respirator. I feel like shit after inhaling a giant cocktail of aluminum, flap wheel dust & polishing compound for two days.
Also expect a pricing change as we actually had to purchase material for this run.


Michael said...

those look awesome Kim!

theoldepro said...

digging the new proper BM logo on these! i think all the late 90's up to current evo sporties have the two horizontal hole pattern just like the shovels.

Johnny Wolf said...

Nope, vertical holes. But you can make a thin back plate. That's how I did mine. Peep:


theoldepro said...

yes, you are correct~my 2001 has the horizontal rivets, but under that plate the threaded holes are actually vertical, and then on my rubbermount 06 that I sold, the holes were horizontal though.....but NOTHING under the points cover itself as the ignition is no longer under there!