Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scotty's FLH for Slab City

I got a note from Sac Town Scotty (Halseth) this morning and it's looking like the shake down ride for his FLH is going to be the route to the Salton Sea.
This one night event just keeps getting better and better.
Looking Good Scotty.
rubber side down, shiny side up & we'll see you on Saturday, Yes?


Fashion Serial Killer said...

ugh. i'm so bummed i might not be able to go now since my damn payroll check STILL wont clear. FUCK-maybe I can do some work for people there so I can still go? I will be a beer hander outer and will wear my boob iron on t-shirt

Scotty Scott said...

Would have liked to have come, but common sense got the better of me. Riding 1200 miles on a 3 day old bike seemed a little beyond my ability to justify.