Monday, November 9, 2009

Smart, Safety Conscious & Good Looking.

The studious gentleman pictured is Matt.
Those of you that know him may not be surprised to find out that shortly after this photo was taken that grinder got away from him exposing a knuckle bone.
A few hours after that Matt climbed aboard his trusty sportster and rode all the way home while his rear axle nut, washer & cotter pin laid on the shop floor.
Glad your alright.


theoldepro said...

i have no excuses. my brain works in weird ways, always opposite directions and rarely does it actually "think"....glad I'm ok as well....that was crazy.

Stone said...

Please don't let my friend Matt Landman die. Please, Matt Landman, remember to bolt your shit back together.

BCM said...

We're trying Stone, We're trying....