Sunday, December 20, 2009

Carving Acrylic

As of last week it's been two years since I bought this bike & the fact that it's not done is disturbing me so I decided to put everything aside and finish it, Yeah right.
Every time I do that it just turns into a mess.
For instance all last week I worked on ruining the megaphone and have to start over tomorrow. Then there's this taillight idea. I found this transparent acrylic rod and somehow managed to carve up the first go around of the lenses pretty quickly however it was kind of a test run and needed reshaped in order to fit the internals. So I went ahead and ruined two more tries at the damn thing. So yesterday I decided one more try & if it doesn't work I'm scrapping the stupid idea. Well after many hours of annoying poor Chris with the dremel & flap wheel it finally worked out (so far). It's needs the cavity machined, final shaping/sizing, finish sanded & buffed out. then there's the issue of attaching the damn thing.
Either way this acrylic is pretty cool stuff to work with & it buffs out really easy.
Lesson learned, again: go with the flow & don't force it.


t said...

that looks great Kim. I always ruin shit.

SUMO said...

talented fucker

Anonymous said...

once again, back is the incredible, dremel animal...

Lime's said...

Nice work! On another note... That seat is F'n gorgeous!

bobx said...

best way to learn how to do something is to screw it up a couple of times..

that looks damn good.