Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Harbor Freight 30%er's

30% is purely my opinion.
But I'm guessing that's the percentage of Harbor Freight products we really like, use on a regular basis and only cuss out once in a while. However the step bit sets are always great, always on sale & the extra few bucks for the Ti Nitride coated set is definitely worth it.
I just got around to the rear brake reservoir & bracket on this panhead.
The Reservoir itself is a cleaned up ebay after market deal for a sportbike.
The bracket was a bit of 1/2" aluminum plate with two holes via the hand drill, step bits, some flap wheel shaping and a polished finish.
The fit is accurate enough that the resi is just sitting in there waiting to be tacked on the underside or maybe a set screw to hold it in place.
Step bits are a friend of mine.
Price them elsewhere, that alone will have you convinced.


t said...

that's what you were talking about. I've seen those there, but I figured they'd just crumble to bits first time I used them.

theoldepro said...

step bits from Lowe's are CRAZY priced. I bought one for setting up the switches in the housing box I made for the sporty. Always great once you've got it home and working, but it feels wrong buying them at $30 a pop.....

Flatironmike said...

good thing DOT5 boils at around 450 degrees, huh. i kid.

step bits? hmmmm. need to investigate

J-Rod said...

I dig the way you set that up, Kim. Very clean.

BCM said...

I probably should've mentioned that the HF Ti set of 3 is usually around $12, Non Ti $9. I've seen just one large bit for $80 at the real hardware stores.

Seriously Mike, another comment peppered with the negative? Do you really think we overlook this kind of stuff?
Go make something.
LOL : ) Ha Ha. YAY! ?????

Thanks J-Rod

Anonymous said...

I have a but load of those bits, some of the pricey ones and some from China. As much as I use them, the extra cash on the good ones is worth it. The HF ones tend to get dull and break on the first few steps..

Multi bits rule

Scotty Scott said...

+1 on the HF step drills! Still, why do I feel a little ashamed chucking one up in the lathe? Its like theres some master machinest behind me just shaking his head.

Great deburrers!